Board Members

Jaime Felinczak

I am a life-long horse person and farrier for 25 years.  My love of horses has led me in many directions: from Jumpers to Reining and everything in between.  I have volunteered extensively in 4H and Pony Club.  Over the years I have volunteered or provided services to Colorado Horse Rescue and the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center.  I feel very strongly that it is important to give back to the community and the animals that enrich our lives every day.

Currently, I wrangle a small herd of miniature donkeys, try to convince a Knabstrupper that Dressage is a fabulous idea, care for a lovely aging Thoroughbred, and enjoy hacking on the best Quarter Horse ever.

Harry Touloumis

Wild Horse Harry got his first taste of horses at the age of eight and later, as a young man, he worked ranches in New Mexico. He started driving draft horses in 1983 at Colter Bay Lodge in Wyoming. He has been shoeing horses and blacksmithing for 36 years. Besides his horseshoeing business, Harry also has a herd of draft horses that he uses in his carriage/wagon business; he schools’ horses and the people who drive them. He has been in Corrales since 1985 and on the CHAMP Board since 2014. Harry has appeared along with his driving team in movies filmed in New Mexico and can be counted on to participate in local parades and events. He actively supports the mission and values of CHAMP as well as Corrales’s equine community.

Curt Scribner 

I recently moved to Corrales after spending the last 20 years in Montana.   I have been riding most of my life and I enjoy trail riding.  I had just started learning to rope and move cattle in Montana.  I hope to support the equine community and keep the “corrals” in Corrales.  My wife and I have two gray geldings that look almost alike even though we got them years apart.  I also take old horseshoes and weld them into art projects when I get inspired.

Anne Bosenberg

I like to say that Marty, the New Mexico Moose, followed us here from our backyard in Alaska. Our cricket-fearing Alaskan dogs have adjusted well (although they are greatly confused by horses and donkeys not quite smelling or acting like moose). My husband, who is from Albuquerque, and I ride a tandem bicycle and are enjoying exploring the beautiful trails that surround us. Recently, I have started horseback riding with Wobbly Ranch and hope to own a horse soon as I am hooked! As an amateur artist, I am delighted to explore the color palette of the high desert. Living on an acre of sage brush and chollas, I can play my cello loud and proud without offending neighbors’ ears. Being passionate about wildlife and the preservation of community and culture, I look forward to doing my part to help keep the Village of Corrales the vibrant and rich community that it is. I am honored to serve.

Jade Evans

Jade began her journey with horses as a toddler obsessed with Captain, a TB in her uncles pasture up in the Sandia mountains. She grew up in a family full of trained dancers, who quickly realized she’d much rather dance with horses than people. At the age of 6 Jade began to take English riding lessons in Corrales NM and did so until the age of 15. Jade then moved on to volunteer for a therapeutic riding center, handling the horses and learning to work with the disabled riders as well as a group of veterans. At the age of 17 Jade adopted her first rescue colt, Valentino. At 18 Jade was accepted into Clinton Anderson’s clinician program, so she and Valentino moved out to Stephenville, TX where she learned to care for his large herd as well as getting to work with and learn from Clinton and his certified clinicians. It was here that Jade started Valentino under saddle, gained confidence in herself and became more passionate about training horses. After Texas, it was time to come home to New Mexico. The following years have been spent working at different barns, with different trainers and learning all that she could about becoming a more accomplished horsewoman. Her passion for horses and the community that surrounds them has her constantly learning and passing that information along to others.