Current Board Members

All CHAMP members
. I am happy to announce and introduce you to all your current board members, old and new.  

We would like to welcome the two new members 
Robin Falconer
Kaitlin Robinson

Old timers re-elected (lol)
Patti Flanagan
Jody Irick 

Old timers still here:  😀
Anne Gibbons 
Sally Mayeux 
Harry Touloomis
Shante Tebay 

We are looking forward to a good year. Let’s hope we can start getting out and about to ride and more. 

I am excited about working with this great group of people and seeing our members once again. This is an outstanding membership with energy and great ideas. Let’s start thinking positive and think of new ideas about how to have fun and to make Corrales the true Horse Capital of New Mexico. 

Hope to talk and see everyone soon. BE SAFE!

Patti Flanagan, President

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